Estate Planning


Estate planning is the process of developing a plan that passes your assets and property to your spouse and/or your children, grandchildren and others.  It is multifaceted and may include succession planning for family businesses, and determining the beneficiary designation for certain IRA accounts, retirement accounts, Life insurance policies, investment and brokerage accounts, etc.

An important part of this process is deciding who will be your fiduciaries.  That is the Personal Representative of your Will, Trustees of any Trusts, the Attorney-in-fact under any Durable Power of Attorney, and Healthcare Surrogates to make healthcare decisions on your behalf if you are unable to and to receive healthcare information.

It also looks at planning for end of life care decisions and providing for beneficiaries with special needs and the appointment of guardians for minor children.

It is our goal to review all of these matters with you in developing an estate plan meeting your special family circumstances.